Fishing Lake Nipissing
Fishing Lake Nipissing
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Fishing Lake Nipissing Ontario

Fishing Lake Nipissing - Canadian Lodges, Resorts, Cottages, Camps, Outfitters and Fishing Charters in northern Ontario Canada.


Fishing Nipissing

Fishing Lake Nipissing Ontario

Lake Nipissing Map of Nipissing

The name Lake Nipissing means "big water" in the Algonquin language. Lake Nipissing is the fifth-largest lake in Ontario, excluding the great lakes and covers 873 square km. Located in Ontario's Near North 50 km northeast of Georgian Bay, the lake runs in an east-west direction to a length of 80 km. It is relatively shallow (about 30 ft in most places) and is consequently well aerated, which leads to an abundance of healthy plant and fish life. Dozens of rivers and streams drain into Lake Nipissing, the largest being the Sturgeon River, Wasi River and South River. The French River, which outlets from its southwest end, drains into Georgian Bay. Lake Nipissing has many islands with numerous sport fishing lodges and resorts dotting the main shoreline, they can also be found on several of Nipissing's many islands.

Lake Nipissing contains over 40 different species of fish. The prime game fish sought by anglers are the walleye or pickerel. They are so plentiful in this lake that catching your limit is considered a bad days fishing. Other species that are abundant are northern pike, smallmouth & largemouth bass, yellow perch, muskellunge, whitefish & cisco. Lake Nipissing is also the ice-fishing capital of the north. With over 1,800 ice-fishing huts on the lake, anglers enjoy the best winter fishing in Ontario.

Located in Ontario's Near North and only 200 miles north of Toronto a short 3 1/2 hour drive, find the calming waters of Lake Nipissing. Renowned for its world class fishing, Lake Nipissing is unparalleled for its excellent beaches, warm water, breathtaking sunsets and outstanding boating opportunities.

We would like to be your online guide for all things having to do with fishing on Lake Nipissing in northern Ontario Canada. Search our site and find websites specifically oriented to you and your fishing needs.

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Cosy Cove Cottages  »   »   »   Fishing is always an adventure at Cosy Cove Cottages. Lake Nipissing is one lake in Ontario where fishing is a way of life for the many fishing anglers that flock to Lake Nipissing year after year. We are the "HOT SPOT" on the south shore of Lake Nipissing. All year Lake Nipissing provides great fishing for pickerel (walleye), perch, northern pike, whitefish, bass and muskie. With our cozy lake front housekeeping cottages and cabins for rent. Fantastic year round Nipissing fishing. Our excellent fleet of 18 foot fiberglass boats, the "Nipissing Challenger" designed specifically for Lake Nipissing are equipped with dependable 15 or 25 hp electric start motors. Hummingbird fish finders to provide you with safe dependable and peak fishing time and boating enjoyment.

Glen Echo Cottages  »   »   »   Glen Echo Cottages   »   Located on the South Shore of Lake Nipissing in the channel to Callander Bay, Glen Echo has one of the most sheltered locations on the lake. With only 11 cottages on 25 acres of property and 600 feet of shoreline you enjoy a private, quiet location. Yet the city of North Bay is only 15 minutes away and offers every conceivable service. Visit our website at  Glen Echo Cottages on Lake Nipissing in Ontario.

Fish and Game Getaways  »   »   »   Fish and Game Getaways   »   Fishing Charter Lake Nipissing in northern Ontario Canada fishing charter by an experienced fishing guide. Choose from either Sturgeon Falls , Cache Bay , Lavigne, Musky Island or Deer Bay areas. Fish Lake Nipissing with Claudio Rocca. Fish and Game Getaways  

Greening Bay Cottages   »   on the South Shore of Lake Nipissing is our well-kept secret that offers quiet nature at it’s best. For the experienced and amateurs alike, fishing is an ultimate favourite past-time for both young and old. Lake Nipissing is reknown for it's abundance of great fishing. Whether you seek fish to provide a good feed such as perch and walleye, or prefer the challenge of a trophy muskie or northern pike, we have it all!!

Lakair Lodge   »   on the famous West Arm of Lake Nipissing in Ontario. The West Arm and West Bay of Lake Nipissing offer miles of twisting shoreline, picturesque islands and hidden back bays. Areas of shallows with extensive weed-beds and many rock shoals contrast with areas of clear, deep channels. The lake offers many miles of scenic shoreline. These make great spots for a shore lunch or noonday swim.

Promised Land Camp   »   is located on Lake Nipissing's beautiful South Shore, the largest protected fishing area on the lake, featuring numerous islands, bays, sunken weed beds, rocky shoals, sunken islands and deep channels. Truly a fisherman's paradise. We would like to invite you to share in this experience. Join us for a memorable fishing and family vacation.

Sandy Haven Camp   »   The fishing is fresh water Lake Nipissing or the Famous French River. Lake Nipissing and The French River is famous for its fishing. It is fairly remote area and only accessible by boat or plane. There are countless weather protected areas for you to fish. Most of our guests are successful fishing on the river within a 0-4 mile radius of Sandy Haven Camp. 2004 Quesnel Road Sturgeon Falls in Ontario.

Sunbeam Bungalows   »   is located in the small, picturesque hamlet of Callander in Ontario. Good fishing Lake Nipissing is world renowned for its fishing. Our well-maintained 18 foot fiberglass fishing boats and new 25 hp electric start motors will take you to your favorite fishing holes quickly.

West Nipissing Resort   »   Lake Nipissing is home for West Nipissing Resort. As the name implies West Nipissing Resort is located on Lake Nipissing's West side. "The West is The Best", This phrase is truly an understatement. West Nipissing is home to many fish species and fish structure that is unmatched anywhere else on Lake Nipissing and probably Ontario for that matter.

Fishing Resorts in Ontario. Top fishing and family vacation resorts on Lake Nipissing, Ontario, Canada.

Jewels of Lake Nipissing   » a group of the finest family vacation and fishing resorts situated along the south shore of Lake Nipissing, Ontario, Canada. Lake Nipissing spans 67 kilometers by 26 kilometers, with its south shore boasting some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Nipissing is one of the top 10 walleye lakes in Ontario (pickerel). And many northern pike, muskie, perch, bass, herring swim these waters as well, ready to challenge all humans who dare to call themselves anglers. Glen Echo Cottages, Promised Land Camp, Tama Kwa Vacationland, Sunset Cove Lodge and Rockview Camp are here to offer you the most memorable fishing and family vacations in Ontario.

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Lake Nipissing Ontario

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Lake Nipissing Ontario

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Lake Nipissing (French: lac Nipissing) is a lake in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is 873.3 km² (337.2 sq mi) in surface area, has a mean elevation of 196 m (643 ft) above sea level and is located between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay. Excluding the Great Lakes, Lake Nipissing is the fifth-largest lake in Ontario. It is relatively shallow for a large lake, with an average depth of only 4.5 m (14.8 ft). The shallowness of the lake makes for many sandbars along the lake's irregular coastline.

The lake has many islands. The largest population centre on the lake's shoreline is the city of North Bay. North Bay sits along the lake's northeastern shoreline. Other notable towns are Callander (south of North Bay along Highway 11). The larger towns toward the western end of the lake are Sturgeon Falls, Garden Village, Cache Bay and Lavigne.

Lake Nipissing drains into Georgian Bay, which is a part of Lake Huron, via the French River. Lake Nipissing lies about 25 km (16 mi) northwest of Algonquin Provincial Park. The French fur trader Étienne Brûlé was the first European to visit the lake in 1610. Jean Nicolet, another French trader and explorer had a "cabin and trading-house" for eight or nine years living among the Indians on the shores of Lake Nipissing until 1633 when he was recalled to Québec to become Commissary and Indian Interpreter for the "Company of the Hundred Associates." The first permanent European settlement on the lake dates from around 1874 on the southeast corner. In 1882 the North West Mounted Police established their presence on the north east shore.

The lake contains over 40 different species of fish. Numerous sport fishing lodges dot the main shoreline or can be found on several of Nipissing's many islands. Most anglers target walleye, smallmouth bass, muskie, and northern pike. For various reasons, largely social, numerous stocking associations are engaged in attempts to artificially manipulate the lake's walleye population.

The lake's name means "big water" in the Algonquin language. The name Nipissing was also given to many places in the area, notably the Township of Nipissing, Nipissing District, and Nipissing University.

In the days of the fur trade, voyageurs travelled through the lake by canoe via the Mattawa and French rivers. When the fur trade started to decline in the 1880s, logging became the main economic activity. After World War I, the primary economic activity became tourism and recreation, although logging still contributes a significant economic stimulus to the area.

Unlike most lakes in Ontario, Lake Nipissing contains two volcanic pipes, which are the Manitou Islands and Callander Bay. The volcanic pipes formed by the violent, supersonic eruption of deep-origin volcanoes. Lake Nipissing lies in the Ottawa-Bonnechere Graben, a Mesozoic rift valley that formed 175 million years ago.

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